Canoeing on the Cetina river

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You can not imagine how happy was Jonathan :) And so was I, because we…are… flying to… Egypt! Jonathan suggested that because of the extra money and extra holiday he got.

We kept visiting Croatia. We went canoeing on the river Cetina. And it was the blue sky!

Going back to the hotel we had an opportunity to help some nice elderly couple.

Jonathan was so happy! It is so good when someone appreciate your hard work end especially when it is your boss. It was for the first time in his life. We decided to fly to Egypt in our last holiday week. We will start from Italy, where we were going to have our last visiting. Happy, happy, happy :)

White water rafting - Croatia

White water rafting – Croatia

OK then, what we were doing in Croatia..  We found a great attraction! We went canoeing! So much fun, so fast time passing, so many interesting people! You must experience it some day! To make it easier and to encourage  you to do this I write how it looks like:

The program usually looks like so,  that the first 10 minutes after arriving at the starting point is to introduce the crew and the “trial with” equipment for rafting. On the river, just after the start, participants can learn the basic things about appropriate behavior on a raft, which is good for safety reasons. The next step is the entrance trailing in this part of the river, which is characterized by rapid flow, the presence of waterfalls, barriers and lush vegetation that creates “living” tunnels, giving the feeling of being away from civilization. During this exciting journey in this amazing vegetation you flow through the cave, which extends behind the waterfall. After that there is a short break for a simple dinner, just before the final part of the run-off.

Rafting on the Cetina River

Rafting on the Cetina River

On this trip the best dressed are shorts, t-shirt and sneakers and make sure to bring dry clothes with you. All other equipment is provided by the tour operator (helmets, vests, paddles, waterproof suit, waterproof boots, waterproof jacket). River rafting takes about four and a half hour (including preparation, instruction, change clothes after the trip). Rafting on the Cetina River Class I-II (about 9.5 km into the gap) costs about 250kN per person plus the transport from Split.

The price includes a trip transport from the village of Luka or Zadvarje from where you are starting rafting, rent a boat and equipment, paying guides, meal of fruit and energy bar, 0,5 liters of drinking water, insurance, VAT and river tax. Importantly, the Cetina river rafting is held throughout the year. It is the attraction you can not dismiss being here.

Paklenica National Park in Croatian

Paklenica National Park in Croatian

We planned also to try free-climbing soon. From recommended places to experience it we chose Paklenica National Park and the gorge of the river Cetin. A large number of sheer places gives us  a possibility of free choice. And an assurance, there will be no traffic:) I feel again, that we will get a huge portion of fresh adrenaline 😉 But this is it, what we came for :)

Returning to the hotel, we noticed an elderly couple on the road looking very helpless. They were standing with an open car hood. We stopped and asked what happened. But they did not know. The car just stopped. Jonathan had a look under the hood and everything looked good. Radiator, fan belt, no leaks from the engine. It was hard to say. Also wheels were ok. Jonathan came into the car. He turned the key in the ignition. And then he saw… there was no fuel :) Nice, but old man did not notice that :) And he forgot to tank his car before leave. We went to the nearest gas station and bought some fuel for that gentlemen. The couple was so grateful for our help and they wanted to take us for a dinner. But we refused wishing them pleasant way forward. We like to help. It does not cost anything!

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