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Posted by on November 20, 2013
Fatal Audi A8 crash on motorway

Fatal Audi A8 crash on motorway

This time we traveled through the Austria. We drove the A6 and A2. One hour and we were in Vienna.  Short stop for a walk and drink. And then for A2 towards Gratz. Unfortunately there was a very bad accident on our way, we only saw totally crashed Audi A8, it was in parts and also burned. I had a goose-flesh on my skin. Terrible. But this is how it is – when you have an accident on freeway it is almost always very serious. Who drives slowly… From that time on the red light lit on our minds and we tried to drive more carefully. But you never know… Somebody else can cause the accident and your safest ride may mean nothing. Brutal life.



Ok then, let’s think about more enjoyable things :) Listen! I finally ate ( Jonathan too) Sachertorte in Vienna!…!!! Heaven in our mouth!!! What the original is the original! I do not know if all of you know, but the recipe was made by some coincidence. In 1832, Prince Wenzel von Metternich asked his personal chef for creating a special dessert for him and few important guests. The head chef, who was ill at that time, let to do it his sixteen-year-old apprentice, Franz Sacher, then in his second year of training. The Prince declared to all: “There will be no shame on me tonight!” As you can guess he did not disappoint. Sacher completed his training as a chef with special merits. Franz’s son Eduard Sacher, built in the center of Vienna in 1876, the hotel called his name. And we ate this delicious desert in this exact hotel. If you will be in the local neighborhood it is the total ”must have”. Believe me.

It was a terrible heat that day. Thank you lord for the person, who had invented air conditioning. Having a man associated to automotive industry I asked if the air conditioning makes my car less economic. I have always thought that it eats a lot of fuel. To my surprise I got the answer: It is a myth. The use of this comfort does not cost us a lot. Newer systems are more efficient and do not affect significantly the fuel consumption. It only has an impact on electrical systems and on the engine – it is an additional load. So do not worry, you do not need to sweat in your car any more 😉

Keep your vehicle nicely cool and make yourself comfortable.

Jonathan wanted to stop on the next gas station to check the tires pressure. It was just good, as I felt a huge willingness for an ice-cream :) I like pistachio flavor the most. And fortunate they had it, cause I could not think then about anything else :)  Jonathan inflated some missing air to the recommended pressure and both satisfied we started to continue our journey. I was reading the magazine. I like some of them for good articles and columns. I appreciate few columnists and I read them regularly. However I can not bear watching the adverts and fashion pages. Unfortunately the colorful magazines are full of them. I read one article named: 21 reasons to visit New Zealand. Although I knew it is worth, I found out about many interesting places to see and things  to do. I am even more convinced to get there one year. And I am sure I will achieve it!

Jonathan asked me to change him. He was tired. With the steering wheel in my hands we drove into Slovenia.

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